„Questico offers the world of spirituality.“



Questico is the market leader when it comes to spirituality. For 14 years, Questico has been the specialist for compassionate and professional life coaching with 1.7 million registered customers. After establishing the spiritual telephone counselling service in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Questico’s portfolio was enriched by a successful TV show (“Leichter Leben”) and one of the largest magazines in circulation dedicated to spirituality and self-discovery (“Zukunftsblick”). The world of Questico also features Germany’s largest community for tarot card readers, Tarot.de, the premium horoscope portal NoeAstro.de, as well as the lifestyle horoscope portal Horoskop.de. Questico helps its customers tackle their most important life issues. With our comprehensive experience within the area of life assistance, we offer our customers caring and compassionate support. Questico offers its customers a wide range of services ­– from live consultations and shopping, to training courses and entertainment, as well as an active community.

„We are the first point of contact for the spiritually interested.“