„We have experience in all areas of the media and deliver high-quality content to measure.“

„We have experience in all areas of the media and deliver high-quality content to measure.“

„We have experience in all areas of the media and deliver high-quality content to measure.“



adviqo is an expert in multimedia content for women from 30 to 60 years old. We can offer your company quick and uncomplicated cooperation and a partnership with a clear win-win orientation. Whether it’s providing quality content to optimise your products, or employing possible synergies in the field of customer development, a partnership with adviqo will benefit your brand, due to adviqo’s years of experience in international media business and its image as a successful brand. Due to the ambitious and creative approach of our team we can offer you high-quality, highly profitable and reliable solutions that work. And we will continue to support our partnerships even after the initial phase with the same commitment and continuous aim of further optimisation. We are only satisfied when you are – and this we can guarantee with more than 450 satisfied collaborations.

„Cooperation needs attractive revenue potential, creative ideas, reliability and the constant readiness for optimisation.“


Our team of writers knows the busy day-to-day business of an editorial department, and therefore knows exactly what you are entitled to as a customer: You need reliability; punctuality and the reassurance that you’re purchasing high quality content that can be included in your media without additional editing. To facilitate this procedurally, we have established FTP and XML services, as well as flexible push-pull services, so that our content is ideally automated in your content management system and shown on your online presence. The formal criteria, which is agreed upon by you, will be strictly adhered to by us, because nothing is more frustrating than when a text is too long by just one line. In addition to written content, we also offer content in the form of videos, photos, graphics and audio and as live streaming. Our editorial team also looks forward to providing you with customised content.

„Cooperation with adviqo – this means responding to target groups, offering new services and optimally tapping into the full potential of your media.“


adviqo offers a variety of cooperation models, which, depending on the target medium, are divided into three core areas: mobile, online, print and TV. For collaboration inquiries, please contact our Head of Distribution Partners directly. E-Mail: cooperations@adviqo.com